Saturday, January 22, 2011

Creating Space

I used to think people who blogged were like the people on facebook who wanted everyone to know the most personal parts of there life, at all moments of the day. I've always wondered, why do people care? BUT here I am ... with a Blog. I hope this journey as an official blogger sheds light on what God is doing in me and gives people an honest look at who I am.

An honest look:
I'm nothing like the average... just because its way more fun to be spicy then it is to be average. I'm outgoing, intuitive, perspective and honest. I grew up in CA and pray I never have to live in a place without the ocean . I lived in New York for a year and survived until I found out what the word winter really means. I think "real winters" should have been named hell... but hell is supposed to be hot right? Anyway, I love the beach and mostly the sun. I went to school at FIDM in LA. By the grace of God I had a talent designing jewelry and He provided me with an incredible job as a jewelry designer last year.  I have an older brother who is married and just their first kid. It's pretty sweet being an aunt for the first time!  In my free time I play things pretty simple. I love being with my family, being outside with my dog ( a mini labradoodle named Macey), hanging with friends and a good day of shopping never hurts :)

I wish I had some profound statement that describes why I wanted to be a "slice" of circles. I really don't have a reason, other than I think God does. I have seen such beauty in the way God creates space in my life that creates room for more of Him.  Lately, Gods voice has been really close to my ear, I hear Him so clear. When I second guess His voice, something in my soul feels off beat. I am confident God has created specific, intentional and purposeful space in my life to be filled with the opportunities in Circles. My outlook on Circles is simple... if I come into it wanting nothing but more of Him, I can't lose. I'm looking forward to this journey. Day one... Blog one... Here I come.


  1. Courtney this is perfect. Simple, honest, direct.

    You never knew you had this blogger inside you just waiting to be born.


  2. Hey Court!

    Thanks for posting this, I learn new things about you everyday. :)

    Can't wait to spend Saturday afternoons with you!

  3. Thanks for posting. I really liked your last paragraph. I read it about two times.

    My older brother also recently married. I have no idea how I will react when I hear in the future that they will have a baby.

  4. "If I come into it wanted nothing but more of Him, I can't lose"

    Amen to that

  5. I really enjoyed the simplicity of your blog because life really is just that so simple and joyful and you can't go wrong when you just give it all to Him and follow His lead- then nothing can ever go wrong. Your blog made me smile :)

  6. Jewelry designer. That is unique and something that I don't come across everyday. Thanks for the post! And I's way more fun to be spicy!!! =)

  7. hahaha i get you on the blogger challenged level. in fact i just tried to organize them all and all i could to was think "blog is hard".

    "When I second guess His voice, something in my soul feels off beat." -> so rich... and i resonate that same feeling, and yet some days i let my soul be off beat :|

    and your dog sounds like a dream....

  8. This is you. Warm but straight to the point. I'm looking forward to more.

  9. This is great! Job well done, first time blogger!! You're a natural! Look forward to learning more about you and reading more blogs. I too, never want to leave CA because I like the fake winters we have here.

  10. Courtney this was very good. I hope you continue blogging.